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Are you looking for a new job in the Missouri medical marijuana industry? Medical dispensaries continue to open and expand all across Missouri, offering new job opportunities every day!

This two-day advanced webinar series was carefully designed by A2C (Amendment 2 Consultants) to help Missourians impress dispensary hiring managers and build careers in the ever-developing medical marijuana industry.

A2C will help job-seekers at all levels become equipped with the foundational knowledge, tools, and resources necessary to succeed in the Missouri medical cannabis industry at this interactive virtual event. Course instructors are experienced Missouri cannabis professionals who will provide perspective on the various fundamentals that will aid you in landing a coveted cannabis industry position. Purchase your ticket soon, as there will be a limited number available

This instructional webinar series is beneficial for inexperienced candidates aspiring to understand fundamental cannabis science and also for experienced candidates who desire an advanced understanding of Missouri Medical Marijuana Program compliance rules and regulations. Courses are available a la carte!

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